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Renos organised and co-ordinated a small group of artists for a local Community Art Exhibition. Renos and 6 other artists of 
diverse styles took part in a multi-faceted show, all using innovation and experimental approaches and techniques. Renos
presented works of London, the Sea, some Nudes and some Abstractions.


Renos organised and took part in a Special One off Art Exhibition of Cypriot origin artists living and working in London to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Cyprus Republic.
It was under the auspices of Peter Droussiotis , President of the Federation of Cypriots in the UK. In all there were 16 participants with 80 works on display.


In this exhibition, the artist presented some of his traditional work of oils on canvas showing the Blue and the Sea, and on paper some Nudes from his vast collection. New and dominant was his new line of work on water colour paper drawings with ink and some colour, inspired from Cyprus but mainly of “My London”

The exhibition was sponsored …