Partridges Cafe Exhibition

Renos's latest exciting exhibition can now be seen at Partridges Cafe in Sloane Square, Chelsea.

It shows a collection of pre and post stroke art work for sale, with 50% going towards charity. Also Renos's 'My London' book can be purchased on site.

Partridges is a family run shop and café, just off of Sloane Square, on the King's Road.

The exhibition runs until the end of March.


Purchasing of works

*Works other than those “SOLD” can be purchased directly and quickly. To do so, please email to providing your full name, full details and address/location for delivery, also any other requests. Shortly after that you will receive the total cost including delivery and payment instructions. Oils on canvas or canvas board can be shipped without frames. Works on paper can be with added mount and backing.
*To order prints/ boxed canvas/cards etc please refer to SERVICES section or email with details. No stocks are kept for such service.