City and St'Paul

Also know as the “Square Mile”, The City of London has its own administrative status with an annually elected Mayor. It is the site of the original London that emerged in ancient times and grew as one of the most imprtant business and financial Centres in the world. It is full of history and monuments, most prominent being those of The Bank of England and St Paul's Cathedral.


Purchasing of works

*Works other than those “SOLD” can be purchased directly and quickly. To do so, please email to stating your full details and address/location for delivery, also any other requests. Shortly after that you will receive the total cost including delivery and payment instructions. Originals are or near to A4 or A3 sizes plus added mount and backing if required.
No glass or frame is included..
*To order prints/ boxed canvas/cards etc please refer to SERVICES section or email with details.
No stocks are kept for such service.