About the artist

Painting has been a passion for Renos since his childhood, attracted by the idyllic harbour and the ancient ruins of his native Paphos,Cyprus. He was honoured with a one-man show at the Town Hall at the age of 18. He arrived in London in 1966 to further his knowledge of art but Graphic Design became his chosen professional career. Working by day, in the evenings he studied life drawing and graphic compositions at St Martin's (1965-1966).

There followed a year at Sir John Cass doing a foundation course. 1967-1970 were years of creativity and Graphic Arts exploration at Ealing School of Art, where during his final year he studied alongside Freddie Mercury  of “Queen”. He finished his studies in 1970-71 with an Advance Typographic Design course at the London College of Printing. He followed a career in Graphic Arts as a freelance artist, he, wrote and published travel books and from 1974 pursued a career as a graphic and retouching artists at the Daily Mail group, for 30 years, first starting in the publicity and the Evening News. In all this time the burning desire for Fine Art never left Renos. He conducted one workshop after another for life drawing and painting.

In 1997 he visted Nepal and those magnificent colours and majestic mountains heralded his serious return to art. He subsequently took early retirement to devote all his time what he loves and enjoys. His work is exhibited mainly in London and Hertforsdhire where he lives and works, but also in other places at home and abroad. Two of his works are in the House of Lords British Landscapes collection, one in the Zampellas collection in Nicosia, and many others in private collections and institutions.

Update March 2017

In January 2016 Renos suffered a brain stem stroke and diagnosed with Locked-in Syndrome (LIS), thanks to the amazing National Hospital of Neurology and Neuroscience, Renos fight for survival had commenced, seeing him fight out of LIS, much to everyones amazement. His great early progress continued and his recovery has allowed him to speak and eat again, communicate with his friends, regain strength in his right arm and commence his art once again. 

His latest work showing his pre and post stroke art work can be seen at Partridge's Cafe in Sloane Square, opposite the Saatchi Gallery until the end of March.

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