Reviews/ Comments

"... I am so enthousiastic about your art and your drawings..." Mark Trotter, md of Gazelle Bookservice

"Just wanted to say thank you so much for the drawing. It looks great and Paul loves it. His mother even started crying when he showed her...." - commisioned work of St Bride's Catherine Park

"Dear Mr Lavithis, Many thanks for letting me see what you have been up to. I particular admire the glass dome at Canary Wharf. You are at your stongest when you go in tight..." Quentin Letts, Daily Mail art critic

"Dear Renos, Thank you for your letter and sending me some of your art. Your work is clearly outstanding and I hope you get recognition for it......" Charles Saatchi, Saatchi Gallery

"...I am a great fan of your art, particularly your London Drawings, which in my humble non-artistic opinion are simply wonderful!" Lenio

"With his freedom of spirit, an open minded romanticism is allowed full reign he has always worked with feeling and enthusiasm. He is fascinated by forms and stylized lines with vibrant colours, relaxing shapes and images" Mako Kimura

"Renos has avoided the common pitfall of taking up painting in middle age; He has not taken the short cut of copying established painting styles, but has worked on developing his own technique. That he has managed to tread his own paths is a mark or his personal insights" Ray Markwick, artist & retired art editor of the Daily Mail

"His exhibition on work from Nepal captured the natural beauty of the country - an impression of his experience and feelings as he viewed life in such a magical place" Local Times Group Newspapers

"You have a wonderful skill to bring images to life and make people smile when the view your work" Danny Shea

He used an impressionist style to capture the beauty of the Himalayas and the vibrancy of the people" Local Advertiser Newspaper Group

"Intriguing" Alex Mariannos

"Many of Renos' compositions include 'Monet at the Royal Academy' depicting people gathering outside and viewing inside.. each of his works is executed with a different perspective bringing his attention to the natural world where Renos can show the romantic element to his work." Elena Keuttis - Parikiaki

"It makes me want to catch the next plane back to Santorini" Councilor Palmer

"I have seen your work go through phases and develop and can only say you display strokes of an acomplished artist..." Following my latest drawings..." This is definately more my style.They are really good and I think this style suits you as well. I think you should develop this as I can see it having more commercial relevance than your previous work." Photis Lambrianides

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